Hello, I’m Caroline – eclectic artist and maker with an innate desire to wander the earth!…

Lover of all the good things in life! – Coffee…Coffee…Coffee…art, travel, photography, literature, a good pun, my son and of course NYC!…

Above all, a mother! 

One day I’ll live in NYC, hence the name of my blog! It may seem like I’m taking the long way round here, it’s not going to happen overnight and I believe someone once said it was more about the journey than the destination!… So, in the meantime, you’ll find everything on my list of ‘loves’ & that my interests are ever expanding, hence my ever expanding menu! πŸ˜‰

You’ll find the majority of my art, makes, links to my Etsy shop and the occasional business post under the tab Elf Creative! ‘Elf’ because I’ve always called my son ‘my little elf’! – there’s a mothers love for you! And to note, he’s not so little anymore. Time really does slip by, so before I give you an essay…

Welcome to my blog!

Much ❀

Elf's 7th Birthday at the beach

Celebrating his 7th Birthday at the beach

You can also find me on Instagram @elfcreative and Twitter @journey_to_nyc

Some of my creative work can be found on Etsy http://www.elfcreative.etsy.com πŸ’• 

*All photographs & artwork are my own, unless stated otherwise!*



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