Organisation…for the unorganized!

For those everyday struggles for the unorganized, okay, and maybe the forgetful!

  • Can’t find that hairbrush or comb? Have 2 to hand, 1 with your make-up and accessories and the other for your handbag. Let’s not forget to keep them in those places and remember it’s always great to have one in your bag whilst out and about.
  • Whilst on the subject – hair-bands – you can get a bundle for about £1, let’s manage to find more than one of them, by tying them to the handles of your brushes and combs.
  • Never leave the house for shopping without a shopping list – ever! You will forget a minimum of 1 item, spend longer in the shop via wandering aimlessly down the isles hoping and thinking you have everything. Shopping list – make one!
  • Post-It notes; Is it…?
    Tuesday? – Gymnastics!
    Wednesday? – P.E!
    Thursday? – Swimming!
    This is a godsend if you have kids – paste that sticky note to your front door, at eye level, so everyday when you leave, you’ll know if you have everything! And remember to update when their or your clubs update!
  • On that sticky note, look at it every night when locking up and have that shit ready to go the night before!
  • Clutter! – If you don’t NEED it, bin it!
  • Paperwork! – Spending hours going through paperwork to find that 1 letter that you only had two days ago? Well, allocate a draw, or two and purchase a ‘file separator’ and label each one with a different category ie work, school, council!…every time you get a letter, file that bitch!
    – Also, don’t just file everything first time round, if it’s passed it, bin it!…And…if you need to respond to one of those letters straight away, just do it ASAP and post reminders everywhere, just in case!
  • Alarms! – My snooze button lasts for 10 minutes, so don’t go making your alarms, yes plural, for every 10 minutes of that hour because they will just be overridden by the preceding one. Make them every 15 minutes, or change your snooze time…
    – Of course you could just get your lazy arse out of bed and do something productive in that hour! Like click on that Russian ‘phrase a day’ link that you signed up to 3 months ago and learn that language!
  • Text messages! – Only open it if you know you’re going to respond to it there and then!
  • If you think of something you need to do, write it down straight away, or you’ll end up remembering at inconvenient times when you’re unable to do it…and forever go without doing it – okay over-exaggeration, months then, maybe!

It’s just a few small and simple steps, it makes life a little easier, less stressful and better mornings for you and your family ❤


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