28 and the breathtaking moments of single life…

I’m about to start a new chapter in my life which involves me moving to Bristol, UK. – Yes, I know it’s not NYC, but my life was at a standstill and this opportunity arose, so I’m taking it and hoping it’ll give that push in the right direction! So, Bristol!… New home, new job, new school for William, new life!… New bloke!? So many people have exclaimed ‘I think you’ll meet someone!’ I have to add here, that I have absolutely no intentions of meeting anyone…of that kind anyway! In fact, I really don’t want to…and I have been single for more than 2 years now, and I’m 28 – this must come under the category ‘wow’. I can’t quite figure out if I feel like this because, having been so long that I’m in my comfort zone, or, that I’m just so happy not to put up with the cr*p any more! In the meantime, and in favour of the latter, just in case all of these beings have some kind of psychic vibes going on, I’m going to share my top 10 breathtaking moments of single life…

1. I can move to Bristol…or anywhere I like…’move forward in life!’
  – I can almost guarantee that if I had stayed with a previous partner or met anyone else in my local area, that I would be staying in the local area…constantly being ‘held back in life’…so let’s dance about and whilst moving forward in life!

2. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want!
    – continuing on the ‘I can move forward’ stance…I can also do whatever else I want…y’know, I’m not going to check if its okay to go to that party on Saturday night, or if I can watch that TV programme I like instead of the Xbox, or just having to inform someone you’re going to the shop – because every move I make does not have to be justified!…I can do whatever I want! And so can you!!

3. I have that king size bed all to myself!
   – go enjoy that no elbows, no kicks, no snoring, no gut-wrenching gas wake-up calls… and sprawl yourself out and breathe!

4. No criticism!
– that’s right!…no criticism!! On the way you do your washing, other tasks and the way you look! Obliterated, from that person you don’t have in your life!

5. Being independent!
   – quite often in relationships, you start to rely on that other person for so many things, so much so that you may just forget what your independence is. Being an independent woman is something to relish! – just saying!!

6. My choices are my own!
    – my life choices are my own. Admittedly, I do have to consider my son in my choices… but having to consider someone else’s choices, especially when they are constantly opposed to yours, is just hard work… let’s go skinny dipping! 😉

7. I’m happy with my body!
    – that’s right, I don’t have that constant pressure to please someone with my appearance. And I don’t have someone not having intercourse with me whilst pregnant because apparently I was, to quote, ‘Like a beached whale!’ I also don’t have anyone giving me a complex about my face! So, I’m going to go eat some chocolate, without anyone staring down their nose at me, because let’s face it, the only person who needs to be happy with my body, is me!

8. I have plenty of ‘me’ time!
    – even before I was single for this long period of time, I just loved my time to myself. It’s not like I really make best use of it, so to speak… I can just breathe, in my own space!

9. I respect myself and my body!
    – without going into too much detail, I have not been respected as a person or as a human being in the past. Surpassing this, I now respect myself and my body and will no longer accept anything less than, because I know I deserve better, and if I’m the only one to do it, then I shall do it, with my head held high!

10. I am me! Myself! And therefore free!
      – When I look back, it appears to me, that when you’re in a relationship, its like you lose yourself, or a part of yourself at least! I do not want to lose myself. I want to be me, in years to come, a better version of me, but still me! Being myself, on some level feels like freedom. I will always choose freedom over losing myself!

Of course, all the above structures my ever-growing feeling of freedom, making them some of my breathtaking moments! I hope you find your freedom in your self-discoveries and journey’s!

A Free Woman xo



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