Christmas Crafts

It’s nearly Christmas!! I’m going to share some craft ideas that I made from last year, as well as some new ones that I’ll be doing this year! Of course I’ll be doing these with my son… I hope you’ll find some fun ideas here for you and your little ones, or just for yourself if you’re that arts & crafts person! 🙂

Christmas Gifts

Every year I want to make something instead of buy something, and this year I am semi prepared. In the summer my son and myself went blackberry picking and decided to freeze the majority of them. Over the course of this year, I have also kept my jam and honey jars in order to use for gifts this Christmas! Blackberry Jam anyone? Of course, you can purchase the fruit and jars instead… and you may just like to fill the jars with  something else, for example; cocoa powder with mini marshmallows, sweets, spices, soaps, bath salts, do a home-made snow globe or even fill the jar with little notes of your memories with that person which might just make it that little bit more special.

photo 1

To go with the blackberry jam, I watched a programme recently which showed a home-made marshmallows ‘how to’…and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to put a miniature treat hamper inside a gift bag.

Beside’s from these ideas, there is always that obvious Christmas Card making. If you’re not keen, you can just supervise the kids whilst they do it, and their masterpiece may just be kept on someone’s fridge as a keepsake. If you aren’t keen on finding glitter around your home, fear not, you can simply print some special photo’s and stick them onto your cards instead.

Advent Calendar

Now, I went a little out for this last year and can’t help but feel like I’ve set the bar a little high for future years. However, my son was under the impression that an advent calendar was just for chocolate, so, I felt the need to show that it was actually a countdown to Christmas. Therefore, I made a calendar, and put whatever I wanted in it; some days it was an activity, some days he had a little sweet treat and so on. I made a Pinterest board, here is the link…

You don’t have to make the calendar, you can always buy a countdown and then add what you like to each day. I put things in like decorate the tree, visit family, be grateful for something and even explored what different religions will be doing to integrate cultural learning. This year, I may be doing different crafts with him, for example; make a reef, making the hamper gifts as mentioned above and make a table centrepiece because the family are coming to us this year.

photo 3 (2)photo (1)photo 4 (1)photo (2)

If you’re interested in making snowflakes like the one in the picture, check out my video –

…. Kids love making these and you can use them for many things like decorations or even small ones for your card making!

So, go get creative this Christmas 🙂 … thank you so much for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it and will go away with some creative ideas.

Have a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for the new year! X



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