Halloween Treats

This half term I have fun and creative plans for me and my son… we’re celebrating Halloween! Whether you’re looking for something to do at home or out and about, this post may give you a tip or two on what we can all get up to! 🙂

Children love a sweet treat and once in a while to bake. My first thought went straight to this when thinking of things to do for this holiday. Being a cake baker, I have previously made Halloween style cakes and treats, with a love of the traditional flavours for this time of year… gingerbread or pumpkin are my doting choice! Who doesn’t love a gingerbread man!? Of course you don’t have to have experience, plenty of recipes and Halloween decorations can be found online or in your local stores! We’ll be making skeleton gingerbread men – gingerbread with a little royal icing really is a treat, the kids will love them as well as helping to make them and filling your cookie jar with homemade bites will bring a little of this celebration to you, your family and friends! You might even like to use them for the children who trick or treat on your door!


Now, as a rule, I don’t do trick or treating with my son. I put this down to my Nanna encouraging me not to when I was a child. This doesn’t mean I disagree with it, I still give to children knocking on my door! So, every year, I either aim to do a party or something else. This year, one of my friends has organised a party for a group of us and our children, we’re all chipping in, in some way or another – I’ll bring the cake! If this is something you and your friends or family can do, it is a perfect way to spend your Halloween with the added bonus of spreading the cost! There are many ways to get creative for this event… You and your children can make decorations, which can be anything you like from paper chains or even getting your hands messy with pumpkin carving. On this occasion we’re going to concentrate on my son’s costume, he is still army obsessed and wants to go as a ‘soldier zombie’ – quite simply, we’re just going to get some fake blood or goo and add it to his already existing army style gear! Using items you already have really does make the occasion easier and less stressful… so, go see what you have! And last but not least – remember to help your friends and family to set up!


We’re getting out and about at least twice this holiday… one being because we love the moving image! Going to the cinema is always fun and this holiday we’re looking forward to watching The Book of Life! Of course you can choose any film you like and what you think is suitable for your child. As I understand it, the cinema can be a lot if there is a few of you, plus popcorn! So, we always go on a Monday, because our local cinema does ‘Bargain Monday’ – check out what your local cinema offers before going! On the other hand, you can always have a movie-night at home on the sofa in front of your own screen and choice of film. Find info for The Book of Life movie on your local cinema website!

And finally, we’re going on a day out to Dunster Castle! They’re holding a ‘Spooky pumpkin trail’ event, which is lasting for the duration of half term. A visit inside the castle, around the gardens and a pumpkin trail… we may just dress up for this also! Sounds like a spooky treat 😉 And may I add, it is just beautiful here, look at the image below of which I took a couple of years ago! To find out what else is happening at Dunster Castle or other events across the country, visit the National Trust website!


Thank you for reading this post, I hope it has given or extended your Halloween holiday ideas, or that you enjoyed it all the same! 🙂


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