Getting Involved

It’s the summer holidays! If you have children, there is no better time than now, to get involved with your local community. Of course, this can be in any way you like, but we love creative pursuits… and those freebies!

So, when my son was sent home from school to participate in  the summer ‘Mythical Maze’ challenge, associated with the library, we were both eager to join the fun. Okay, it’s happening across the nation…but when we arrived at our local library, we seen a school friend of his, who was also signing up for the challenge. Six books over the holidays and your child is rewarded along the way and on completion receives a certificate and medal! What’s not to love? If your child isn’t a big reader, the reward system may be incentive enough to encourage them to sign up. They have books that are associated with the challenge in that mythical/fantasy genre… but it can be any! To find out more follow the link or add their app 🙂

My son is currently obsessed with learning about the World Wars, so naturally chose some books from that selection, I’m happy with his choices, so long as he reads one or two from the theme of the challenge. I’m glad we made this the perfect opportunity to join the library…and its free! And whilst you’re there, you can see what other activities your local library has going on that you can get involved with! Our library is holding a colouring competition… of course we picked up a sheet and all the info whilst we were there! Check out his masterpiece experimenting with watercolour 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

In our creative pursuits, we also found another activity we decided to take part in! This year commemorated 100 years since the outbreak of WWI and you can almost guarantee you’ll find something to do and join in locally. Our local Arts Centre is holding the POPPY EXHIBITION in their gallery! It’s a theme my son is interested in and if you’re like me, you’ll have plenty of supplies around the house to create your work! We had fun painting poppies. I’m also keen on teaching and used this as an experience to insert some art based learning. This can depend on your child’s already existing skills or what they’re capable of understanding. I introduced perspective, composition and colour. This may seem simple, but to a child, you quite often just paint without thinking about it. This introduction and explanation helped him to decide (with my help!) how he was going to compose the elements of his painting, how temperature of colour can give the effects of distance, leading to having a 3D representation on a 2D surface, giving perspective!

Here is our first collaboration painting…

photo 3

…work in progress (apologies for the light!)

photo 4

And finished piece!

Here, is just a couple of things we’ve joined and it’s happily filling up our summer! I hope you find just as great summer holiday activities for you and your children! 🙂

Love xo


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